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“The Guardian Angel Platoon” chronologically follows a soldiers' journey. The album tells the true story of a lost young man leaving home to join the Army, eager to find male role models after being raised by a single mother. The army offers him a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, and offers him a family.

Reality quickly sets in when his battle group is deployed to Afghanistan in January of 2007. He deals with pain, loss, confusion, trauma, betrayal and an internal struggle that brings him to some very dark places.

Now, a retired veteran, he has found a new method of coping with the trauma. Through song writing and guitar playing- musical therapy has had a profound impact on his life.
"The Guardian Angel Platoon" is a powerful musical journey and testimony which aims to support the vital discussion surrounding mental health.

With the incredible healing power of plant medicine and music; today, he is able to find hope and peace and wants to help others find the same.

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